Dec. 15 Approval Date Set for Wetland Applications

Dec. 15 Approval Date Set for Wetland Applications

Second approval date will be in February for additional applicants.

An approval date of Dec. 15 has been set for applications to the Wetlands Reserve Program.

Eric Banks, state conservationist for the National Resources Conservation Service, said those applicants that have been determined eligible and have already had site visits will be considered for FY 2010 funding on Dec. 15.

There will be a second approval ldate on Feb. 19, 2010 for additional applications.

Fields subject to frequent flooding, had drainage systems installed prior to 1985, or ponded water for a period of time may be eligible for WRP.  WRP also has a requirement of land ownership for a period of seven years prior to making application. 

According to Banks, there are three types of enrollment options for WRP.  Landowners can apply for a restoration agreement, 30-year easement, or permanent easement. 

NRCS staff will provide landowners with materials for the application process.  Beginning this year, landowners will be asked to complete a WRP application questionnaire as part of the application process.

Landowners will also need to provide a copy of the land deed showing length of ownership if they are considering an easement option for WRP.  WRP restores, enhances, and protects wetlands in Kansas and across the country.  Currently, Kansas has 17,400 acres enrolled in WRP.

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