Deere Launches Two New Tractor Lines

New models include orchard/vineyard and nursery/greenhouse tractors.

John Deere has unveiled a pair of new specialty tractor series to meet the needs of orchard, vineyard, nursery and greenhouse operations.

The F-Series orchard/vineyard tractors and the A-Series nursery/greenhouse tractors are designed specifically to maneuver in confined working conditions and the field conditions of specialty crops.

For orchards and vineyards three F models are included in the series including the 76F rated at 76 horsepower, the 85F, 83 hp., and the 100F rated at 96 hp. All get their push from turbocharged VM Detroit Diesel engines, and feature 24X16 transmissions. The gear ratios allow operations from under 1 mph to more than 20 mph for transport.

Two new specialty tractor lines are available for 2008 from John Deere. The F-Series orchard/vineyard

tractors and the A-Series greenhouse/nursery tractor are designed to operate in specialty crop field conditions and confined areas. All are diesels and all come with 2,000 hours warranty.

The 85F and 100F feature a no-spin front differential and a six-disc oil-cooled rear brake system.
The series comes with 5,500 lbs. of lift capacity at the hitch and a 10 gallon per minute hydraulic system.

The 76F is 53 inches at its widest, and the two bigger models are 57 inches, and all are designed with a low center of gravity.

For folks in the nursery and greenhouse market, the 20A tractor comes with an air-cooled 21 hp. Lombardini two-cylinder diesel engine and a two-year, 2,000 hour warranty. The articulated 20A is 40 inches tall, 32 inches wide and 98 inches long. The transmission has six forward speeds and three reverse, and mechanical front wheel assist with traction control comes standard.

Other features of the 20A include a 540 rpm power takeoff and a three-point hitch with 1,100 lbs. of lift.

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