DEKALB Launches Corn-on-Corn Yield Optimization Guide

DEKALB Launches Corn-on-Corn Yield Optimization Guide

Acres of Gold guide provides resources for growers

DEKALB has released a new guide for growers using a corn-on-corn system, the company announced, because corn-on-corn production has a unique set of challenges that demand management decisions requiring a year-round plan

Acres of Gold, the new online guide, helps farmers understand the key yield factors that impact corn yield potential in corn-on-corn systems, as well as the seasonal importance of each factor, DEKALB says.

In an interactive step-by-step progression, farmers will be able to see the potential impacts of each yield factor throughout the development of a corn crop and identify opportunities to optimize yield.

Acres of Gold guide provides resources for growers

The guide is located at and search for solutions and tips by season or by yield optimizing factors. The seasonal approach of the site walks farmers through what they should be thinking about during the following times: Preseason Planning and Preparation, Seedbed Preparation and Planting, Early Season, Midseason, Late season and Harvest, the company explains.

"We hope continuous corn farmers will find value in the recommendations and practices outlined in this guide and see an increase in yield potential," said d Rick Myroup, DEKALB Brand Manager.

Source: DEKALB

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