Diesel Air Compressor Is Thrifty

Next /Gen compact compressor burns diesel.

Meeting heavy duty compressed air needs is the goal of Next/Gen with its new compact diesel-powered air compressor for stationary or vehicle mounting.

The new 15CFM Diesel Air Compressor measures only 30X16X20 inches and weighs 175 lbs. Still, it provides 150 psi with 15 cubic feet per minute capacities turning at only 1,000 rpm. Next/Gen touts the machine as being small enough to mount on top of a narrow tool box. The company also offers a 30CFM machine, shown in the illustration.

The slow-turning Kubota 7 horsepower liquid-cooled diesel engine on the machine will run 6-8 hour on a gallon of diesel fuel, and starts easily with an electric start system.

Suggested retail for the DAC is $3,495.

For more information, call (888) 463-9879, or click on www.nextgenerationpower.com.

DIESEL AIR COMPRESSOR: Next/Gen has introduced a high-output, slow-turning diesel-powered air compressor for stationary and vehicle mounts. The compressor will run 6-8 hours on a gallon of diesel fuel.

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