Dig It with Land Pride

Dig It with Land Pride

New hydraulic post hole digger works for skid steer use.

Land Pride is taking much of the work out of fence building, and a lot of other chores, with its new SAC35 hydraulic post hole digger for skid steer use.

The SAC35 is capable of punching holes from 9" to 36" and will run on skid loaders with hydraulic systems capable of 10 to 25 gallons per minute and producing up to 3,000 pounds pressure. The digger will also work on tractors equipped with a skid steer adapter hitch.

For more information visit www.landpride.com.

SKID STEER DIGGER: Land Pride's new SAC35 hydraulic post hole digger is capable of digging holes for fence posts and other needs up to 36-inch wide holes for tree planting, and it fits on a skid steer.

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