Disaster Assistance for Dairy Producers Finally Available

After several delays producers can sign up for dairy disaster assistance.

The Dairy Disaster Assistance Program is finally letting producers sign up. USDA Farm Service Agency's John Johnson says county offices are now ready to sign producers up for the program. Originally slated to start on Dec. 1, software problems postponed the beginning of the program. It was set to go on Feb. 4, but legislative changes to administrative procedures pushed it back to this week.

"We'll be running the signup for at least a couple of months, probably until sometime in early May," Johnson says. "At that time we will have to calculate up the total amount of applications we have received, and then see how they fit within the budget of the $16 million that Congress appropriated for this program."

Johnson says if there are more than $16 million in approved applications, a factor will have to be applied in distributing the payments. The program is covering dairy disaster losses in 2005, 2006 or 2007.

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