Donations of Money, Time Needed in Muscotah

Donations of Money, Time Needed in Muscotah

Kansas Sampler Foundation helping town honor native son, build tourist attraction with 'World's Largest Baseball'

If you have financial resources or skills as a carpenter or a mason you are willing to donate, the Kanas Sampler Foundation has a project that needs your help this weekend.

The foundation, as many folks may already know, has a mission to "preserve and sustain rural culture." It fulfills that mission in ways far more practical and concrete than you might expect.

The organization started as a brainstorm that occurred during a weekend book signing at the farm of Mil and Marci Penner near Inman, promoting a new Kansas attractions guidebook written by the pair in 1993.

A baseball museum is being constructed inside the World's Largest Baseball in Muscotah this weekend. Photo courtesy of

Since that time has expanded to include an annual Kansas Sampler Festival, promotion of the "8 wonders of Kansas," the Kansas Explorers who travel the state, in part to support rural businesses, and projects like one set for this weekend in Muscotah to build the World's Largest Baseball.

Muscotah has significance in baseball history

Joe Tinker, major league baseball Hall of Famer and the shortstop for the 1908 Chicago Cubs World Series champions, was born in Muscotah in 1880.

This town of 200 in western Atchison County has placed an old water tower tank on an empty lot. It will become the World's Largest Baseball. A baseball museum is being constructed on the inside. A mini-infield with iron cut outs of the famous Chicago Cub double-play combination, Tinker to Evers to Chance, will be laid out beside the baseball with an old-fashioned outfield fence surrounding it.

To volunteer or donate, go to the Kansas Sampler website or call 620-585-2374. About $1,700 still needs to be raised for phase one. Work hours are Friday and Saturday 9 a.m.-4 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Carpenters and masons are needed.

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