Dorr Named President and CEO of U.S. Grains Council

Dorr Named President and CEO of U.S. Grains Council

Former head of USDA Rural Development will take the reins on Nov. 16.

During a teleconference Tuesday, U.S. Grains Council Chairman Rick Fruth announced that Thomas Dorr will take over as President and CEO of the USGC from Ken Hobbie who has held that position for the past 18 years. Dorr, who is a former USDA Undersecretary of Rural Development, will officially assume the post on Nov. 16.


"I really am honored by the opportunity being afforded by the U.S. Grains Council," Dorr said. "It's exciting and it's going to be a real privilege to work with and be in a leadership position of an organization which I've long held a very high regard for."


Hobbie, who has been with USGC for 33 years, has agreed to stay involved as an advisor after Dorr takes the reins. During the teleconference Dorr discussed a few of the top priorities he has for USGC.


"The first thing I want to make certain is that our international trade partners realize that we have a very strong focus on international trade and are going to continue to maintain that," Dorr said. "Secondly I think we have to be very sensitive to all of our customers including those customers that are our members and that help finance the council's efforts. My intention is to get very busy sitting down and listening to all of the members; the sorghum, the barley and corn side of the equation to make sure that our strategies are aligned."

Thomas C. Dorr, New President and CEO of the U.S. Grains Council.

Dorr spoke about the worldwide success obtained by the council in market development efforts and says he looks forward to further enhancing U.S. and international rural economic opportunity.


"I realize that this job is going to have many responsibilities and the expectations are high," Dorr said. "I assure you I intend to do everything within my ability to stimulate and access the kinds of developmental strategies the leaders of this organization possess."

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