Double-duty grain drill

Double-duty grain drill

Crustbuster/Speed King takes on the challenge of large-acre and small-acre seeding in a single machine.

Growers seeking a grain drill that can pretty much do everything may be interested in the new Crustbuster 4700 Series All Plant Drill. This machine is both a center-fill and a box drill, offering maximum versatility. In its center fill mode, the drill can handle large acreages with less stopping for crops like wheat and soybeans, which saves labor and boost efficiency. You can also turn off the center fill hopper and drill only the seed boxes for small acreages with lower seed rates like alfalfa or milo.

This new drill from Crustbuster has a center fill hopper for big-acre crops, but youu can shut that off and use the drill boxes for smaller fields and small-seeded crops.

The 4700 Series All Plant Drill has a 200-bushel center-fill hopper that supplies seed directly to the seed boxes. The system is designed to deliver a constant flow of seed into the drill's boxes. The drills use proven Crustbuster components including the Parallel Linkage Openers that maintain constant down pressure for precise depth control throughout its 10-inch operating range. The company's hydraulic drive is standard on this drill providing variable rate control, including individual section shut-off control. A choice of 7-1/2-inch or 10-inch spacing is available. The system is available in 40-ft. and 45-ft. widths and folds to 15-feet, 10-inches for transport. The drill's variable rate control is also ISO compatible. Learn more at

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