Dow AgroSciences has new herbicide for 2016

Dow AgroSciences has new herbicide for 2016

Resicore is first pre-mix to include the combination of active ingredients offered to the market.

Dow AgroSciences has announced that the EPA has approved registration of Resicore herbicide for the 2016 growing season. The premix herbicide offers a new tool for dealing with herbicide-resistant weeds too. The product contains three active ingredients that have not been teamed in a previous premix, anywhere. The three active ingredients - acetochlor, mesotrione and clopyralid - offer three nonglyphosate and nonatrazine modes of action to help you manage resistance. The product offers growers new options for weed control, and beating early season weed competition is important too.

Resicore combines three active ingredients never before put into a single product to help power past herbicide-resistant weeds.

Resicore can be applied preplant to early postemergence and can be used with conventional, reduced- or no-till corn systems. It is tankmix compatible with atrazine, glyphosate and other corn herbicides for more flexibility. You can learn more at

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