Dow AgroSciences partners with Coherent Ag on stewardship app

Dow AgroSciences partners with Coherent Ag on stewardship app

App keeps product stewardship information at hand

Farmers will soon have a convenient way to advance stewardship programs for their crop chemicals, thanks to an exclusive license agreement between Coherent Ag Solutions and Dow AgroSciences LLC.

Patented application technology from Dow AgroSciences will be incorporated into AgSteward, a cloud-based crop protection stewardship system offered by Coherent Ag Solutions. The technology combination can help farmers manage protocols designed to protect the environment.

App keeps product stewardship information at hand (Thinkstock/PeterRoise)

The AgSteward system provides actionable information with the touch of a button. For example, this interface brings together information on geospatial proximity to surrounding fields, susceptible crops, waterways, and sensitive habitats to help the farmer apply the labeled-use specifications of crop protection products. It incorporates real-time data feeds from third-party crop registries, habitat and waterway repositories as well as weather services.

The result is a map featuring product-specific requirements. Coherent Ag Solutions will widely market AgSteward as a cloud-based Web-service to allow for ease of integration with existing software systems for the crop protection industry.

"Product stewardship has always been a priority at Dow AgroSciences, and our patented technology illustrates we are always looking for new ways to move to the next level in helping farmers manage products to benefit the environment," says Ramiro De La Cruz, vice president, Crop Protection, Dow AgroSciences. "Working with Don Jackson, an experienced software provider and expert in this field, and the team at Coherent Ag Solutions, will help this technology be broadly utilized by farmers who strive to be stewards of the environment as they raise the food that goes on our tables."

"The complex environmental and operating conditions faced by those applying crop protection products requires sophisticated, yet simple to use, technology," says Don Jackson, president and CEO, Coherent Ag Solutions. "We are excited to widely offer AgSteward as a cloud-based Web-service that can be easily integrated into existing crop protection systems, allowing for simple adoption and deployment for growers and applicators, and further enhancing their stewardship activities."

Source: Dow AgroSciences

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