Dow AgroSciences, Schillinger Seed Announces Licensing, R&D

Seed companies teaming up.

Dow AgroSciences LLC and Schillinger Seed, Inc. have entered into a licensing, research and development agreement for the commercialization of transgenic commodity soybeans.

"We are pleased to be working with Schillinger. This is one more step to expand the soybean genetic platform for Dow AgroSciences, and will expand the soybean platform for Dow AgroSciences to launch its Dow Herbicide Tolerance (DHT) trait," said Jerome Peribere, president and CEO, Dow AgroSciences. "Furthermore, this collaboration will help accelerate the development and launch of future traits in soybeans."

Under the agreement, Dow AgroSciences will obtain the Schillinger Seed brand and exclusive right to breed, produce, distribute and sell Schillinger Seed brand transgenic commodity soybeans. In addition Schillinger will continue to develop and produce proprietary soybean germplasm for Dow AgroSciences to use in breeding and commercial sales.

Non-GMO and specialty soybeans will continue to be researched, developed and marketed independently by Schillinger under its recently introduced eMerge Genetics™ brand.

"This is a 'win-win' for both sides," said John Schillinger, president and CEO for Schillinger Seed, Inc. "This agreement really allows us to focus on developing and marketing specialty soybeans for the food and feed industry under our eMerge Genetics™ brand, where we have seen tremendous growth opportunities recently."

Dow AgroSciences will continue to sell Schillinger Seed transgenic soybean seed through Stratton Seed of Stuttgart, Ark., in the Southern U.S. Additional terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

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