Drivers Have More Choices of Ethanol Blends

New Topeka station is the model for a planned 1,000 stations nationwide.

Drivers in Kansas now have more opportunities to buy blends of ethanol fuel, with the development of a joint venture between ICM Inc., Crescent Oil Company and POET Ethanol.

NewGen Fuel is focused on delivering new-generation fuels to American consumers. New Gen opened its first station under a major private brand, Conoco, in Topeka on Tuesday.

The station, at 1531 SW Wanamaker in Topeka, is the retail model that NewGen hopes to use to open more than 1,000 locations nationwide as it builds affiliations with other privately-owned fuel stations.

NewGen has immediate plans to open additional stations in Coffeyville and Wichita.
In addition to providing the traditional 10 percent and 85 percent ethanol blends, the new stations offer drivers of flex-fuel vehicles the opportunity to bump E-15 and E-20.
Current regulations prohibit the use of blends above 10 percent in conventional vehicles.

ICM is the nation's leading designer of ethanol plants and ethanol technology, Crescent Oil is a petroleum distributor and POET is the country's leading producer of ethanol products.

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