Dupont Now Expects Aproach Registration By Year's End

Dupont Now Expects Aproach Registration By Year's End

New fungicide will be labeled for wheat and other cereal crops as well as for corn and soybeans.

Aproach, a new fungicide originally aimed at corn and soybean farmers, will be registered for wheat and other cereal crops as well, said Dupont Crop Protection specialist Todd Robran in an interview at Husker Harvest Days on Wednesday.

Robran said the registration for Aproach, which was first anticipated for the fourth quarter of 2011, then moved to second quarter of 2012, is now expected in the fourth quarter of 2012.

"Our goal is for it to be available to winter wheat producers in the 2013 crop year," Robran said.

Robran said Aproach has both preventive and curative activity.

Dupont Now Expects Aproach Registration By Year's End

"That helps give a little more leeway to farmers who may not be able to get an application on at exactly the right time," he said. "You get a little longer window."

The unique thing about Aproach, however; is its ability to move within the plant and the plant canopy, offering protection not only to the easy-to-reach upper six inches of the plant but under the crop canopy at the ground level, where many fungal diseases are the strongest.

It is the first product to show significant control of white mold in soybeans and gray leaf spot in corn. It will be recommended for control of septoria leaf and glume blotch, rusts, tan spot, powdery mildew, spot blotch and black point in cereal crops.

In intensive wheat management, DuPont is recommending two applications, a 3-ounce-per-acre rate applied tillerting through jointing with a 6-ounce-per-acre rate applied when the flag leaf is first visible through boot stage.

Dupont started trials on Aproach more than six years ago . It is a member of the Strobilurin family of chemcials.

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