DuPont Pioneer, John Deere team up for tech offer

DuPont Pioneer, John Deere team up for tech offer

John Deere customers get access to Encrica Yield Nitrogen Management Service with special offer.

DuPont Pioneer and John Deere have been working together for some time - John Deere makes it pretty easy for its customers to share important data with relevant services as needed. This season, DuPont Poineer wants you to try the Encirca Yield Nitrogen Management Service and to make that happy the two companies have teamed up.

You can use the Nitrogen Management Service for free if you enable JDLink Connect to your John Deere Operations Center account with newer model John Deere ag equipment. You must also have approved connectivity with Encirca services.

NITROGEN MANAGEMENT: Encirca Yield has nitrogen management tech that John Deere customers can now access for some acres as a promotion in 2016.

The idea is to get you to see the information - or data-driven insights - you can get from the service. That way you know these tools have value for your operation. The promotion includes a free nitrogen evaluation by an Encirca certified services agent of about 100 acres of your land, real-time computer monitoring of nitrogen levels on those acres through the 2016 growing season and a one-on-one review of nitrogen plans with respect to final yields in the fall.

This is just a start. The promotional offer will expand in 2017. Growers who enroll 1,000 acres into Encirca Yield Services from September to December 2016 will receive a free year-long subscription to JDLink connect and the John Deere Operations Center. Qualifying services for the offer include Encirca Yield Nitrogen Management Service, Encirca Yield Fertility Service (phosphorus, potassium and lime) and Encirca Yield Stand Service (variable rate seeding).

You can learn more about the 2016 offer and the expanded 2017 offer by visiting

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