DuPont Unveils New Strategy to Expand Its Seed Business

Pioneer Hi-Bred partners with seed companies to introduce new products and brands.

Thursday at the American Seed Trade Association's annual conference, DuPont business Pioneer Hi-Bred unveiled a new strategy that will use a network of partnerships and new brands to expand the reach of its seed genetics.

Called PROaccess, it will increase Pioneer global seed market reach through co-brands, second brands and investments. The strategy will allow the company to access an additional 5% of corn acres in the United States alone.

"PROaccess adds to the momentum we have been building in the Pioneer business," said Paul Schickler, Pioneer president and DuPont vice president and general manager. "For more than 80 years, our goal has been to increase the productivity and profitability of Pioneer customers. PROaccess expands upon that mission by making available our unique, elite seed genetics to help our partners around the world expand their selection of high-performing products and increase their customers' yields and income."

PROaccess business agreements have been established in Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and the United States. Pioneer plans to continue expanding the number of partners and acres through the PROaccess strategy. Through the PROaccess model, Pioneer will develop customized business agreements with independent seed companies to address their specific needs.

"We know the seed business is not one-size-fits-all. Each company has its own needs," Schickler said. "That's why we have built flexibility into this strategy by customizing the agreements to fit the individual needs of each company."

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