ECO-heater Warms Room for Less

Try this wall panel heater.

Only 24 inches square, the ECO-heater is a convection heater that uses no fans, draws only 400 watts and is capable of heating a 10X12 room - silently.

Mounted close to a wall, the ECO-heater draws cool air from beneath, heats it in a small space between the wall and the heater panel and uses heat's natural tendency to rise to set up a circulation in a room with no fans. The panel can be painted with latex paint to match any décor.

The 400-watt power requirement for ECO-heater is less than a third of that of most conventional radiant and fan heaters operating on 120 VAC.

ECO-heater is available for $149.95 at  

QUIET WALL HEATER: The ECO-heater uses 400 watts of power to heat a 10X12 room with no fans or red hot heating elements. The wall-mount unit uses convection currents to circulate air without fans.

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