Effects of Proposition 2 Grow

Legislation and initiatives are moving quickly.

The seed planted by the Humane Society of the United States in California last November is growing several new offshoots. Since voters approved Proposition 2 in November several measures have moved quickly from one chamber to the other. Others are now working through committees. In fact the California Senate Appropriations Committee has now approved legislation that would limit the use of antibiotics by licensed veterinarians to prevent and control disease in animal agriculture.


One California Senator says the legislature is undergoing a monumental shift in attitudes saying Prop. 2 changed a thought process. And an Assembly Member that didn't even support Proposition 2 says the voters spoke loudly and the legislators need to listen. That's why he introduced a measure to require all eggs sold in California come from chickens able to stretch their wings without touching a wall. That measure was passed by the Assembly shortly after legislation to ban tail docking was approved in the Senate.


Humane Society of the United States President Wayne Pacelle says it took 100 years to get farm animal legislation moving but just 10 minutes to get these bills. Elsewhere in the U.S. Maine recently passed a ban on veal and gestation crates and it's been reported HSUS will pursue a voter initiative similar to Proposition 2 in Ohio and is pushing for one in New York.

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