Egypt is Important Partner to U.S.

Strategically and economically, Egypt is strong ally.

Egypt is a main export market for U.S. agricultural products, but the importance of the relationship with that nation is more than just a buyer of U.S. commodities.

"Egypt is a consistent ally and a firm partner of the U.S. in the area," says USDA agricultural attaché to Eygpt Chris Rittgers. "It is a strategic friend in the area and we will continue to rely on Egypt's cooperation in the future not only for many of our strategic interests but also for our commercial agricultural interests."

Rittgers says that the U.S. working with importers to help them bring goods into Egypt and strengthen the relationship from a trade standpoint.

"We will continue to work with government officials, with the ministry of agriculture and with other regulatory institutions to enable them to better understand the U.S. regulatory system," Rittgers says. "So they are better able to adopt import regulations."

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