Emergency Funding for Moth Eradication

USDA is providing funds to fight the light brown apple moth in California and check for it in the rest of the country.

The light brown apple moth was found last march in 12 California counties. USDA has been working with the California Department of Food and Agriculture to contain, treat and eradicate the pest. Additional funding of $74.5 million is being made available to continue those activities and conduct a 50-state national detection survey.

"USDA is pleased to support the State of California's vital efforts in protecting its resources as well as the rest of the nation's agricultural and natural landscape from this destructive pest," says acting Ag Secretary Chuck Conner.

The detection survey is designed to verify that the light brown apple moth is not present anywhere else in the U.S. Priority areas of the detection survey will include nursery stock, orchards and urbanized areas with ornamental plantings.

Native to Australia, the light brown apple moth threatens crops, plants and trees. The list of potential host species contains more than 2,000 plants including many fruits and vegetables. For more information about the light brown apple moth, click HERE.

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