End Spray from Senninger is "Solid State"

End Spray from Senninger is "Solid State"

No moving parts and engineered wind-fighting capacity are benefits for the End Spray.

Senninger Irrigation has launced the End Spray for applications where corners and edges of fields need water, but traditional end guns are overkill.

The low-angle design and one-piece construction make End Spray a low-maintenance, simple fix to "short extension" watering needs. No adjustments are needed and a large orifice reduces clogging.

Available Booster Tube technology provides an increased radius of throw over 180 degrees with good uniformity to help reduce compaction and runoff. End Spray is designed to operate from 8.1 to 48.9 gallons per minute at 10 to 25 psi.

For more on the End Spray, click on www.senninger.com.

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