Energy, Biofuels Bills Hinge on Climate Legislation

Energy, Biofuels Bills Hinge on Climate Legislation

Farm Bureau supports comprehensive domestic energy package.

All things related to energy standards hinge on what happens with climate change legislation, Elizabeth Jones, an American Farm Bureau energy expert told members of the Kansas Farm Bureau attending the annual County Presidents Trip in Washington this week.

Jones said Farm Bureau is supporting a comprehensive energy program that promotes all forms of domestic production, including new drilling for oil and gas as well as biodiesel, ethanol and biomass.

Proposals now being debated vary widely on requirements and on the way biomass use is defined, she said.

One proposal would require looking at the water consumption of growing biomass feedstocks and how production impacts soil productivity, he said.

Others are more ag-friendly, including a proposal from Rep. Ike Skelton to change the Renewable Fuels Standard language which now says that anyone who grows biomass on land that was not in production in 2007 is not eligible for incentives supporting biomass production.

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