Engine Manufacturers File Suit Against EPA

Engine Manufacturers File Suit Against EPA

Attempt being made to block E15 from being sold.

Earlier, the Environmental Protection Agency gave approval for E15 fuels to be sold in 2007 and newer vehicles.  The next step is for EPA to approve E15 sales in 2001 to 2006 model year vehicles. Now, the engine manufacturers have filed a lawsuit against EPA to block E15 from being sold as a legal fuel in the United States. The suit has the attention of the Renewable Fuels Association and Growth Energy.

RFA says EPA could have avoided this kind of market confusion by following all the science to its logical conclusion and allowing the use of E15 for all cars and light duty pickup trucks. Meanwhile, Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis points out that the scientific evidence demonstrates clearly that E15 is safe not only for newer vehicles but also for all passenger cars and trucks on the road today.

"Concerns about misfueling are premature," Buis said "EPA is drafting a robust labeling rule and will conduct a vigorous public education campaign, and we are confident that the process will be successful."

According to RFA, the only way to meet the nation's energy, economic and environmental goals as put forth in the Renewable Fuels Standard is to increase ethanol consumption. Allowing for the use of E15 blends is a safe and appropriate step toward meeting these goals.

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