Enhance snow clearing with pull-back kit

Enhance snow clearing with pull-back kit

Worksaver rolls out pull-back kits for 24-series snow pushers.

Snow clearing is a time consuming job, and sometimes the most time is wasted in small detail work, when you have to leave the tractor to do some manual shoveling. Worksaver has some help with a new pull-back kit for its 24-series snow pusher.

The kit allows you to rotate the snow pusher forward, which engages the rubber edge with the ground to pull snow away. That saves you time, and prevents the need to do hand-shoveling when clearing snow from overhead doors or buildings. The kits feature bolt-on installation when using existing holes on the end plates. That eliminates the need for added drilling.

You can learn more about the kits by calling 217-324-5973 or visit worksaver.com.

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