Enhanced bale mover available

Enhanced bale mover available

Deweze launches XRM model with telescoping arm feature.

Moving bales around the farm and ranch can be time consuming, especially when you have to get one bale to a remote location. Deweze has carved a niche in this market with their bale-bed systems that allow you to use a truck to move bales more efficiently. Now comes the new Pivot Squeeze Bale Beds with hydraulically extendable arms. The new XRM models can telescope their arms up to 20 inches, allowing you to easily place bales into round bale feeders right from the truck (you don't have to leave the cab).

A BETTER REACH: Deweze enhances its line of bale beds with the new XRM now featuring telescoping arms for easier bale handling.

XRM Bale Beds have many of the same features as the original Deweze Pivot Squeeze Bale Beds. The bale arms open and close from 120 to 24 inches wide, so you can grab bales of various sizes. They also have a swivel spinner design, so the spinners always remain parallel to the bale for better results if you're unrolling hay.

For bale beds powered by the Deweze under-hood hydraulic kit, a wireless remote comes standard for controlling all bale bed functions, inside or outside of the cab. The company offers a range of electric-over-hydraulic options to power bale beds. Other standard features include dual lift cylinders, a receiver hitch with D-rings, enclosed gooseneck well with adjustable hitch placement, and more. Learn more at deweze.com.

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