Enhancing soil insecticide technology

Enhancing soil insecticide technology

FMC launches Capture LFR insecticide with VGR Soil Amendment

FMC is rolling out Capture LFR Insecticide along with VGR Soil Amendment for use as an in-furrow application in corn. The new co-pack offers full-spectrum insect control, improved water efficiency and better nutrient availability through the season, according the company.

The Capture LFR Insecticide component controls seed and seedling pests including: wireworms, cutworms, grubs, armyworms, seed corn maggots and common stalk borers. It also controls corn rootworms at the full use rate. Use rates range from 3.4 ounces to 17 ounces per acre depending on the target pest and row spacing. The highest rates allow for the rootworm rate on narrow-row (15”) corn.

This graphic details how the addition of VGR Soil Amendment improves performance when paired with Capture LFR.

The VGR Soil Amendment component contains Bacillus licheniformis, a naturally occurring bacterium that enhances plant efficiency. The Bacillus in VGR Soil Amendment help solubilize phosphorus and create larger root systems for better uptake of water and nutrients. Under drought-stressed environments, at-plant application of VGR to corn significantly increased root and shoot biomass compared to untreated corn and compared to Capture LFR Insecticide alone.

Capture LFR Insecticide plus VGR Soil Amendment out-yielded untreated corn by an average of 9.1 bu/A in on-farm trials over two years. More than three-quarters of the time it out-yielded Capture LFR alone, according to a company release.

The product is available for the 2016 crop year in a co-pack of Capture LFR Insecticide with a compatible wettable powder VGR Soil Amendment formulation designed specifically to mix in pop-up liquid fertilizers. VGR Soil Amendment is currently registered or otherwise approved for use in 28 states including: AL, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, IA, IN, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, NC, ND, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NV, OH, RI, SC, SD, TN, VT, WA, WY with more expected. Visit fmccrop.com/grower/Products/In-Furrow/Capture-LFR-Insecticide-VGR-Soil-Amendment.aspx for the current list of registered states.

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