Enhancing a vertical tillage rig

Enhancing a vertical tillage rig

Kuhn to offer Excelerator 8005 with range of new features.

The new Excelerator 8005 builds on the company's history with vertical tillage using the company's 32-flute Excalibur blades, adjustable gang angles and Star Wheel treader attachment help boost agronomic performance for the machine. New features on the 8005 enhance operator productivity and decrease machine maintenance. For smaller acreage, a new rigid 11-foot cut width joins the 14- and 50-foot product range.

The Excelerator 8005 uses Tillxtreme bearings for maintenance-free performance.

On key new feature on the Excelerator 8005 is the use of Peer Tillxtreme maintenance-free bearings. No daily grease maintenance is required for the Excalibur gangs, Star Treader gangs, HD reel attachment, walking tandem pivot bearings, rockershaft lift and wing fold hinge pivots. No daily grease features allow the operator to convert hours devoted to daily maintenance into added field time.

Other new features include high flotation metric tires with increased weight carrying capacity for folding models, new heavy-duty 24/7 flat and round bar conditioning reels and a new articulating ball cast clevis hitch. The new hitch is available in Cat. III, Cat. IV or Cat. V configurations depending on size of machine. Learn more at kuhnnorthamerica.com.

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