EPA Administrator Testifies at Senate Hearing

Jackson explains budget increases for EPA.

U.S. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson appeared before the Senate's Environment and Public Works Committee yesterday as that body reviewed the FY 2010 budget request for the Environmental Protection Agency. The focus was on how EPA would address environmental challenges and contribute to the country's economic recovery. The President has requested $10.5 billion, a 37% increase and the highest level ever for EPA.

"We recognize that now is the time to make the environmental investments to support a cleaner energy economy and a more sustainable future," Jackson said. "This budget starts the work needed to transform our economy through investment in cutting-edge green technologies, repairing crumbling infrastructure and strengthening our core regulatory and scientific capabilities to make the Nation's water, air, and land cleaner for our communities, families, and children."

She said the FY 2010 budget reflects President Obama's commitment to usher in a new era in environmental stewardship and puts us on a clear path to a cleaner and safer planet. She went on to cover issues such as: investments in water infrastructure; acceleration of great lakes restoration; initiation of a comprehensive approach to slow global warming; and greenhouse gas emissions.

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