EPA Fines Syngenta for Unregistered Corn

EPA fines Syngenta $1.5 million, finding the company distributed seed corn containing an unregistered genetically engineered pesticide.

Finding that Syngenta Seeds, Inc., sold and distributed corn containing an unregistered genetically engineered pesticide called Bt 10, the Environmental Protection Agency has fined the company $1.5 million. The Golden Valley, Minn., company has agreed to pay the fine.

Syngenta disclosed in 2004 that it may have distributed Bt 10 corn in the U.S. and to Europe, Japan and South America. USDA, the Food and Drug Administration and EPA began an investigation and found that the unregistered corn had been distributed on over 1000 occasions.

Syngenta has destroyed all affected seed under USDA supervision. Syngenta will pay the $1.5 million penalty after Environmental Appeals Board approval.

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