EPA Grants Exemption Allowing Lumax on Kansas Grain Sorghum

Broadleaf weed control comes with special use exemptiont.

The Environmental Protection Agency approved a specific exemption that will allow the use of Lumax, a pre-plant herbicide to be used on grain sorghum in Kansas. Lumax includes the active ingredient mesotrione.

"This is good news for sorghum producers who need pre-plant broadleaf weed control for their crop especially in cases where they are experiencing herbicide resistance issues," says Jere White, executive director of the Kansas Grain Sorghum Producers Association. "Our growers were able to use Lumax last year through an emergency exemption."

The Kansas Grain Sorghum Producers Association had requested that the Kansas Department of Agriculture apply for the exemption. KDA received a specific exemption for Lumax this week from EPA. KDA is responsible for making sure the conditions of the specific exemption are met. The exemption is in effect until June 15, 2007.

Lumax Herbicide, which is manufactured by Syngenta Crop Protection, must be applied following all label directions, restrictions and precautions on the federal label and as outlined in the authorization notice.

The exemption has several conditions which include:

  • Application of Lumax is allowed on grain sorghum fields and has a 7-14 day pre-plant application requirement.
  • Apply at the rate of no more than 2.5 quarts per acre.
  • A 60-day pre-harvest interval must be observed.
  • Because Lumax is a restricted-use pesticide, farmers and applicators must be certified and maintain record of applications following standard restricted use pesticide record keeping rules.

Dave Regehr, Kansas State University sorghum herbicide specialist, said in a 2006 statement that Lumax should be used only with Concep III-treated grain sorghum seed, that farmers should not apply the herbicide on emerged grain sorghum and they should not apply on coarse-textured soils. If emerged weeds are present, use adjuvants recommended in the label, he adds.

The product requires caution, but when applied according to the label and after proper activation, Lumax controls annual grass (excluding shattercane) and broadleaf weeds in grain sorghum, including triazine-resistant, glyphosate-resistant, and ALS-resistant Palmer amaranth and waterhemp, Regehr said.

For more information, contact KGSPA at (800) 489-2676.

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