EPA Issues Review of Own Agency

Report shows the environmental and financial progress of the past year.

The Environmental Protection Agency has transmitted to the President its annual Performance and Accountability report, as required by law. The 1993 Government Performance and Results Act requires all federal agencies to report to Congress annually on the results of their activities during the fiscal year.

In his cover letter, EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson wrote, "EPA achieved results that demonstrate progress in advancing the Agency’s mission of protecting human health and the environment."

Johnson expects air quality to improve as a result of implementing stringent new standards, including for ozone. He said food is expected to be safer after the year’s completed reassessment of all food-use pesticides. Johnson emphasized that EPA is more prepared to respond to emergencies and disasters.

EPA chief Financial Officer Lyons Gray says EPA continues to rank among the highest performing federal agencies under the President’s Management agenda scorecard.

To view the 555 page report, click HERE.

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