EPA Provides Manual for Making Biodiesel

Guide can help you make your own biodiesel.

If you want to set up your own plant and make enough biodiesel to run your own equipment, it just got a little easier to make sure you follow all the environment rules and regulations.

Region 7 of the EPA has developed a manual that you can follow for the construction and operation of a biodiesel plant.

Region 7 serves Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska as well as 9 tribal nations. It has headquarters in Kansas City, Kan.

Administration John Askew said the EPA recognizes that farmers are active on the renewable fuels frontier and wanted to help them stay safe and healthy.

The manual provides practical examples to make sure farmers comply with regulation and provides a directory of contacts to answer any questions that arise.

Engineers, scientists and environmental protection specialists at Region 7 developed the manual after consulting with a variety of people in the industry.

According to the National Biodiesel Board, as of September 2008, there were 176 biodiesel plants in operation nationwide with an annual production capacity of 2.61 billion gallons per year.

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