Ethanol Industry Gets Shot in Arm from Report

Minnesota study finds higher ethanol blends pose no problems.

ncreasing the amount of renewable ethanol blended into gasoline from 10% to 20% does not present problems for current vehicles or fuel dispensing equipment and provides similar power and performance, according to a new study released Wednesday by the State of Minnesota. Using 40 pairs of vehicles commonly found on American roads, a year-long research effort found that increasing ethanol blends from 10% (E10) to 20% (E20) in a gallon of gasoline provided an effective fuel across a range of tests focusing on drivability and materials compatibility.

The State of Minnesota conducted the study as part of the process to meet a state law that requires ethanol comprise 20% of all gasoline sold in the state beginning in 2013. Governor Pawlenty signed legislation that included this requirement in 2005. Minnesota and its partners will soon apply to the EPA for a waiver to federal rules that will allow E20 to be used in all of the state's gasoline. Electronic copies of the full preliminary report may be found at the Minnesota Department of Agriculture Web site at

Source: Feedstuffs

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