Ethanol Leader Relates Industry's Importance in Senate Committee

Renewable Fuels Association Chairman Ron Miller spoke on the benefits of ethanol before the Senate Agriculture Committee.

Speaking before the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee Wednesday, ethanol industry leader Ron Miller related the impacts of the ethanol industry on rural America.

Miller, Aventine Renewable Energy, Inc. CEO and Chairman of the Renewable Fuels Association, testified that the nearly 5 billion gallons of ethanol produced and sold in the U.S. were crucial for farmers.

"Ethanol today is the single most important value-added market for farmers," says Miller. "The increased demand for grain used in ethanol processing has increased farm income, created jobs in the agricultural sector, and revitalized numerous rural communities where ethanol biorefineries have been located."

Miller also noted that ethanol adds $41.1 billion to the gross national output, creates 160,231 jobs throughout the economy, and increases household income by $6.7 billion.

"The incentives Congress has provided to spur the development of a domestic ethanol industry are beginning to pay dividends," says Miller. "The continuation of this partnership between public policy and private industry is essential to realizing all the benefits greater ethanol production and use hold."

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