Ethanol supporters recruit star power for new RFS ad

Ethanol supporters recruit star power for new RFS ad

'Bachelor" Chris Soules supports ethanol in new advertisement; groups meet with OMB to discuss upcoming RFS RVO announcement

A new ad out from pro-ethanol group Growth Energy will include former "The Bachelor" star and farmer Chris Soules, speaking on ethanol's environmental and economic track record.

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On a press call Monday, Growth Energy said the ad will point to "significant harm" of the lower blending volumes proposed by EPA through the Renewable Fuel Standard. The final volumes are scheduled for release by Nov. 30.

'Bachelor" Chris Soules supports ethanol in new advertisement (screengrab)

"The Renewable Fuel Standard is a great American success story," said Tom Buis, co-chair of Growth Energy. "More renewable fuel like ethanol means more investments in rural economies across America. Homegrown renewable fuel is also helping consumers at the pump, driving down our dependence on oil from hostile foreign regions, and reducing pollution in our air and water."

Buis said the ad shows that ethanol has revitalized rural America through job creation. It’s currently airing in Iowa, Illinois, Ohio and Indiana.

Under the RFS, Growth Energy says the ethanol industry has helped to generate more than 852,000 jobs throughout America.

"American-made ethanol reduces our dependence on foreign oil," said Soules, a fourth-generation Iowa farmer. "Our farmers are also leading the way in helping reduce carbon emissions—the use of corn ethanol results in a 34% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to regular gasoline.

"We need a strong Renewable Fuel Standard so we can continue providing opportunities for our country's farmers and produce clean energy right here in America."

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The ad comes as Fuels America also launched a new ad campaign focused on RFS volumes to appear in the New York Times and digitally near Washington, D.C.

The ad was designed to put pressure on the Obama administration headed into the International climate talks to retain higher RFS levels and ultimately pave the way for cellulosic ethanol and advanced biofuels.

The group said if the RFS levels are implemented as proposed, it "will effectively stop the evolution of the advanced and cellulosic biofuels industry in the United States and push the development of these advanced technologies and fuels overseas."

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Also last week, Growth Energy met with the Office of Management and Budget to provide data that suggested EPA has understated the potential market for higher ethanol blends of up to 85% and non-ethanol conventional biofuels in 2016 by at least 440 million gallons.

"We impressed upon OMB the importance of moving the Renewable Fuel Standard forward, not backward, Buis said following last week's meeting. "This is a policy this is creating jobs, reducing our dependence on foreign oil, improving our environment, and one that is breaking the near monopoly Big Oil has on the liquid fuels transportation market."

“This meeting was really our closing argument before the administration makes its final decision," Buis and Renewable Fuels Association President Bob Dinneen said in a joint statement. "We impressed upon OMB that the oil industry’s ‘blend wall’ narrative is simply not true. The president needs to uphold the statute."

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