Europeans Have Negative Attitude toward Cloned Animals as Food

Poll shows most Europeans are skeptical about cloning for food production.

The European Commission released the results of a poll Thursday that show most Europeans know what cloning is, but have negative feelings about its use in food production. The study shows that 81% think the long term effects on nature are unknown and 84% say we don't know the affects of the use of cloned animals for food in terms of long-term health and safety.

"The survey provides us with valuable insights into the attitudes of EU citizens toward the use of animal cloning technology for food production," said EU Health Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou. "The European Commission now has before it the opinions of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the European Group of Ethics (EGE), and also the Eurobarometer survey. The Commission will now proceed with the analysis of these elements before considering whether and what action may be necessary."

The poll was conducted in July 2008 with more than 25,000 people chosen at random. To learn more about the survey results, click HERE.

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