Events Teach Animal Rights Activists to 'Play Dirty'

Events Teach Animal Rights Activists to 'Play Dirty'

Conferences encouraged attendees to spread misinformation to 'prey on the fears' of the unknowing public.

The animal rights movement recharged its knowledge base last month during the Animal Rights 2010 Conference and the Humane Society of the United States-hosted Taking Action for Animals programs in Washington, D.C. Both conferences encouraged attendees to "prey on the fears" of the unknowing public by spreading misinformation about the way today's farmers and ranchers care for their animals.

AR 2010 and TAFA brought together more than 1,000 activists to discuss the political strategy of the animal rights movement. Speakers at both conferences provided participants with tactics to target the animal agriculture industry through demonstrations, litigation, and ballot initiative campaigns. Animal activist leaders taught attendees how to utilize social media tools to fundraise and share videos from undercover operations.

Some of TAFA's most popular sessions included "Advocating for Animals in Congress" and "Building a Better Future for Farm Animals." AR 2010 workshops included "Understanding the Mentality of Meat," "Conducting Investigations," and "Marketing Our Message."

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