Extra Testing for E-15 Explained by White House

Extra Testing for E-15 Explained by White House

Testing of vehicles takes several months.

The Obama Administration has released a report explaining the goals for testing E-15 fuel in on road vehicles. The report appears to be in response to recent criticism following missed deadlines by the Environmental Protection Agency in reporting results. The administration report says EPA, working with the Department of Energy, undertook a multi-million dollar testing regimen that will provide the information EPA needs to make a sound, technically correct and legally supportable decision.

One component of the testing focuses on the useful life testing of vehicles. That testing has been ongoing 24 hours a day at essentially all of the independent test facilities in North America.  According to the administration, under this accelerated protocol each vehicle requires testing for 6-9 months.

Testing of vehicles, covering 2007 and younger is expected to be completed by the end of September.  Testing of older vehicles covering 2001 and 2006 model years will be completed in November. Further approval steps include: testing on dispensing equipment; changes to state laws to allow for the use of E15; and completion of the fuels registration process by industry.

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