Farm Bill, Chesapeake Bay, Ethanol Issues

Farm Bill, Chesapeake Bay, Ethanol Issues

Here's a look at 7 things you might have missed this week.

Busy week with combines rolling across the Midwest now, here are some links to items you might have missed.

1. Farm Bill talks creep along. The House voted to allow the nutrition title to be put together with the farm bill titles so the House-Senate conference committee could start talking. The Senate has chosen its conference members, but names in the House are still to come.

2. Petroleum hits Renewable Fuel Standard ... again. The American Petroleum Institute is suing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over the fuel rules for the 2013 RFS - just set down in August. Their claim is that the requirement calls for use of more cellulosic ethanol than was produced so far this year.

SHUTDOWN NO SLOWDOWN: From the Chesapeake Bay to ethanol, there was plenty of news this week.

3. Making it personal. The Secretary of Agriculture In Arkansas issued a press release pushing Congress to get the country going and to pass a farm bill. His remarks put a personal face on some of the impact being felt in the country.

4. More gain in the tank. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization reports favorable conditions for cereal production, which should relieve global supplies. Growing conditions in the United States are a key reason for the good news.

5. Pushing back on Chesapeake Bay court ruling. Farm groups have filed notice to appeal a September court decision that ruled in favor of the EPA over total management daily load figures for the Chesapeake Bay. The groups say the ruling gives EPA too much power on who can farm in the region and has long-term impact nationally.

6. Conservative group outlines farm bill issues. The Heritage Foundation put together a comparison of the House and Senate versions of the new farm bill, along with their policy needs on the matter. The conservative group is pushing big cuts in nutrition spending, and tighter limits on crop insurance.

7. Changing ethanol needs? There's talk buzzing around Washington that EPA may be backing off on ethanol requirements and a Reuters report shows that the agency may be changing what it will require. However, the Renewable Fuels Association disagrees.

And your bonus:

Mark your calendar for interesting charity event. On Oct. 23 you can help the Progressive Agriculture Foundation win a car…really. The group, which has been teaching farm safety to kids since 1995, is a finalist in a 100 Cars for Good program. So think about PAF and vote for them 10/23.

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