Farm Bureau Supports Raising Blend Wall

Stallman asks EPA to increase ethanol blend to 15%.

The American Farm Bureau Federation says the federal government should increase the ethanol blend level up to 15%, which will promote environmental protection, help create jobs and reduce dependence on foreign oil. In a letter sent to EPA administrator Lisa Jackson, the farm organization said increasing the ethanol blend level up to 15% from the current level of 10% is critical to the sustained health and expansion of corn and cellulosic ethanol production in the United States.

In its response to a request for public comments on a proposed waiver of the Clean Air Act, Farm Bureau President Bob Stallman wrote that increasing the use of domestically produced biofuels is key to helping improve the nation's energy security. Stallman said, "If recent events have taught us anything it is that our nation should develop energy resources right here at home."

Farm Bureau believes increasing the blend ethanol level shows our nation's commitment to renewable fuels as we work to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

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