Farmer-invented tool for managing planter boxes

Farmer-invented tool for managing planter boxes

Boxmate offers a way to flip boxes, save space and make handling bulk seed boxes easier.

The Box mate pix up the top box and allows the user to spin the empty so it nests with the box below, taking up less space in your storage area.

This is one of two tools we found - check out the other later in this gallery - designed to make turning and stacking bulk boxes easier. This is the Boxmate. While seed sales folks may be the best target customer for these tools, if you're handling a lot of boxes stacking them with the top inverted helps reduce the room they take up as empties. With this system you can push a stack of two boxes into the cradle, then lift the top box - which is held in place, but once clear of the bottom you manually spin the other box around and place it over the bottom box and cart them to storage. This is a farmer-designed machine that can take some of the back-breaking work out of handling bulk boxes. Learn more at

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