Farmers Elect Commodity Commissioners

Commissioners begin in April; to serve three-year terms.

The Kansas Department of Agriculture last week announced the names of producers from the central third of the state who were elected to the state's five grain commodity commissions – corn, grain sorghum, soybeans, sunflowers and wheat.

This was the third election cycle for districts four, five and six under the new law that privatized the commissions in July 2000.

District four includes Clay, Cloud, Jewell, Mitchell, Osborne, Ottawa, Phillips, Republic, Rooks, Smith and Washington counties. District five includes Barton, Dickinson, Ellis, Ellsworth, Lincoln, McPherson, Marion, Rice, Rush, Russell and Saline counties. District six includes Barber, Comanche, Edwards, Harper, Harvey, Kingman, Kiowa, Pawnee, Pratt, Reno, Sedgwick, Stafford and Sumner counties.

The newly elected commissioners will take office April 1 and will serve three-year terms.

The Kansas Corn Commissioners are:
District 4: Mike Brzon, Republic County
District 5: Terry Vinduska, Marion County
District 6: Kent Moore, Pratt County

The Kansas Grain Sorghum Commissioners are:
District 4: William Greving, Phillips County
District 5: Clayton Short, Saline County
District 6: Dennis Siefkes, Stafford County

The Kansas Soybean Commissioners are:
District 4: Steve Clanton, Ottawa County
District 5: Harold Kraus, Ellis County
District 6: Jerry Wyse, Reno County

The Kansas Wheat Commissioners are:
District 4: Steve Clanton, Ottawa County
District 5: Dean Stoskopf, Barton County
District 6: Scott Van Allen, Sumner County

There were no candidates for the Kansas Sunflower Commission. Commissioners will be appointed by the Kansas Sunflower Commission.
2009 election in western Kansas

The 2009 election will cover district one, two and three in the western third of Kansas. Grain growers who plan to campaign for a seat on one of the commissions must collect on an official petition form 20 signatures from eligible voters to be included on the 2009 ballot.

Official petition forms will be available through the Kansas Department of Agriculture or one of the grain commodity commissions.

No more than five signatures from any one county will be used to qualify a candidate. Eligible voters are Kansas residents who will reach age 18 before the election and have been growing corn, grain sorghum, soybeans, sunflowers or wheat during the last three years. The filing deadline for candidates is November 30.

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