Farmers Talk: GMOs and GM Labeling

Farmers Talk: GMOs and GM Labeling

Confessions of a Farm Wife podcasters talk GMOs, labeling laws, landlords, food safety and food dollars: where are they really going?

Farm Progress editor and blogger Holly Spangler produces a periodic podcast with a handful of farm wife friends, where they talk about the ag news of the day. In this episode, they cover Spangler's research and series on genetically modified food ingredients and the fight to label or not label those products.

Read Holly Spangler's blog, My Generation, for more information on the Farm Wife podcasts.

Well friends, we had a slight technical glitch in our most recent recording. That means DeAnna and I re-recorded this episode, on the phone. It's never as much fun as it is in person but a good conversation with a good friend - with good information - is always worthwhile. 

L to R: Emily Webel (missing on this edition, due to technical glitch), DeAnna Thomas, Holly Spangler

I've mentioned in the past few weeks that I've been working on a series of GMO labeling reports (Would GM Label Ensure Food Safety? and  GM Labeling: Dollars Make A Difference online - see the links at the end of this story).

Today, we're talking about some of the less sensical interviews I did and what real experts actually said, plus we're hitting the highlights of farmer and USFRA spokesperson Katie Pratt's experience with "experts" on the Larry King show. DeAnna also shares how one of their California-based landlords is demanding non-GM crops be grown on his ground this year and what they'll do to make that happen.

Give it a listen, either on the gizmo above or download the SoundCloud app on your phone or iPad.

Interested in the GMO discussion? Farm Progress Special Projects Editor Holly Spangler is exploring GMO foods, GMO labeling and the general genetically modified food debate in an exclusive series. Follow along with @HollySpangler on Twitter and using the links below:

Would GM Label Ensure Food Safety?
GM Labeling: Dollars Make a Difference
GMOs: The Fight to Label
Urban Moms on GMOs

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