Farmers Telling Ag's Story Online

Farmers Telling Ag's Story Online

Program allows consumers to engage farmers who grow their food and register for free groceries.

Consumers can win free groceries for a year through a program called "Famers Feed US".  This program is supported by farmers in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, and Iowa.  Ohio and Michigan were the first states to get their program up and running.  They have already received more than 300,000 registrations. Indiana, Missouri and Iowa have just recently launched "Farmers Feed US" programs.


The program allows consumers the opportunity to meet and engage with the farmers who grow their food, at Through short online video farm tours, consumers learn how safe, nutritious and affordable food is produced and have the opportunity to register in a "Free Groceries for a Year" sweepstakes.


Terry Fleck, executive director of the Center for Food Integrity says there's nobody better to factually and passionately tell that story than the farmers of this country. Farmers and associated commodity groups are participating from each state.

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