Feed Industry Leaders Speak with Obama Advisers

Energy and trade policies among items discussed.

Leaders of the American Feed Industry Association spoke Tuesday with representatives of Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign. AFIA President and Chief Executive Officer Joel G. Newman and members of AFIA's Executive Committee stressed the importance of feed safety, energy and trade policies during the nearly 90-minute conference call. Newman said leaders "did not hesitate to let the team now how AFIA members feel the way they do about certain issues and we had an honest exchange about some matters where we may not see eye to eye with Sen. Obama."

Greg McLean of Murphy-Brown LLC presented members' views on energy-related issues, particularly regarding ethanol and the Renewable Fuel Standard. AFIA chair-elect Brian Rittgers of Elanco Animal Health and Steve VanRoekel of Ridley Inc. shared AFIA perspectives on trade and feed safety, respectively.

Obama's team initiated the meeting as an outreach effort to prominent agricultural organizations. Representing the Obama team were agricultural advisers David Lazarus and Dallas Tonsager. AFIA has contacted Sen. John McCain's campaign to offer his team a similar opportunity this fall.

Source: Feedstuffs

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