Feedback From The Field - May 11, 2016

Feedback From The Field - May 11, 2016

It's deja vu all over again as wet weather continues this week.

Wet, cold conditions in parts of the Midwest may be giving farmers more time for Netflix than field work this week.

“Feel like Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day,” said a South Dakota farmer. “It's raining again. Last year everyone around here was done planting their corn and beans by now. We haven't turned a wheel yet.”

While the focus of delays in the first week of May was on the eastern Corn Belt, growers in the western part of the growing region for corn and soybeans are starting to chime in about wet, soggy conditions. Here are some comments from today’s Feedback From The Field.

Farmers share their Feedback from the Field. A Minnesota grower said, “Corn planting is complete and soybean planting is 80% complete.”

“Very wet,” summed up a farmer in Nebraska, where storms moved through over the last 24 hours. “No planting for at least a week and that is without taking into account the rain that is forecasted for this weekend.  Farmers are getting frustrated with a lack of planting progress over the past couple of weeks.”

Said an Iowa grower today: “Ten plus inches of rain the past two weeks and receiving heavy rain again this morning.  River bottom will be prevent plant here and hill fields are a soggy mess. “

But not all producers faced problems. USDA Monday reported 64% of the corn crop planted nationwide, 14% above the 5-year average.

“Corn planting is complete and soybean planting is 80% complete,” reported a Minnesota grower.

“95% corn planted and mostly up,” said another from Illinois.  “60% of soybeans planted, 19% up.”

Farmers rating fields this week reported weaker conditions for corn, but a little better for soybeans. Fields of both crops were rated slightly below average. Winter wheat fields continue to look mostly good. USDA reported better than expected winter wheat yields in Tuesday’s first estimate of 2016 production.

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