Feedback From The Field - May 18, 2016

Feedback From The Field - May 18, 2016

Growers worry about frost damage from last weekend's chill.

Though USDA reported 75% of the nation’s corn in the ground last week, growers reporting conditions this week are worried about last weekend’s frost across much of the northern Midwest. While early growing season concerns focused on the east due to excess moisture and cold, recent rains caused ponding in the western Corn Belt, too. Then came cold temperatures.

This corn appears to be recovering from frost on Saturday and Sunday morning. Sunday morning temperatures dropped to 27 degrees F.

“We had two nights of frost,” said a producer near Mankato, in southern Minnesota where there were other reports of potential damage. “All our corn (1800A.) severely impacted.  With cool temps we are not yet seeing signs of recovery.“  Still, the plants’ growing points were below the surface, which could allow improvement if the weather cooperates.

“Wide spread frost turned corn that was planted in good conditions brown,” noted another southern Minnesota grower.” Stand loss is expected. Excess moisture since planting will contribute to patches of yield loss where ponding and drainage occurred.”

Feedback from northeastern Iowa had temperatures down to 27.9 degrees on Sunday morning. “Corn is a sick green to black in the area.  Growing point should still be fine, but definitely will set it back a couple weeks. Our soybeans were not up but some in the area were planted earlier and may have sustained severe damage.”

Farmers were concerned about conditions even in parts of the Corn Belt where the crop went in fast.  A grower in South Dakota who had all his corn and 80% of his soybeans in thanks to dry conditions noted:  “Dust storm following the planter.  It has been cold, frost over the weekend . Concerned for emerged corn.”

With only 43% of the corn crop emerged nationwide, USDA won’t start condition reports for several more weeks. But farmers reporting this week cited deteriorating conditions in their fields, with fewer rated fair or better. Soybean ratings also dipped, but winter wheat continues to look strong, with more rated good to excellent.

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