Feedback From The Field - May 3, 2016

Feedback From The Field - May 3, 2016

Growers say wet weather mostly stalls planting so far this week.

USDA reported corn planting at 45% nationwide, a good start to the season. But planters are in the shed so far this week, according to growers provided the latest “Feedback From The Field” on Tuesday.

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Rain and excessive soil moisture are keeping some farmers out of the fields. (Photo: Mihail Ulianikov/Thinkstock)

“Planters have been sitting idle now for over a week,” said an Iowa farmer who estimated corn planting in his area at 20% due to rain and excessive soil moisture.  "Still time to get beans in the ground, but we are way behind on corn compared to a typical year.  Cool weather has delayed emergence of previously planted corn.  Pastures are thriving on the cool wet weather giving good grazing conditions, as long as the pastures are not too wet.”

Conditions were even worse in the eastern Corn Belt, where planting typically lags. An Ohio grower saw two inches and rain and temperatures in the 40s, with more precipitation forecast for the next two days. “Nobody is in fields now,” the grower commented. “Some did but are now wondering about if good idea.”

An Indiana grower was also worried about the cold: “Some forecasts show temps to drop in upper 30s tonight. Nothing will be planted for a week if it doesn’t rain anymore.”

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Conditions varied widely, even in the same state. While one Illinois farmer was less than 30% planted, with more rain in the forecast, another finished corn planting last week.

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