Fertilizer Industry Joins in Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture

Fertilizer Industry Joins in Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture

Fertilizer organizations join Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture's first meeting in New York

Three fertilizer organizations on Thursday joined in the first meeting of the Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture, organized to help governments, farmers and scientists improve ag practices and policies to foster food security and efficient use of natural resources.

The fertilizer industry organizations—the International Fertilizer Industry Association, the International Plant Nutrition Institute, and The Fertilizer Institute – joined in effort to encourage the industry to promote the proper use of fertilizer products to minimize their environmental impact in the field, a statement from the groups said.

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Fertilizer organizations join Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture

"Global food security will never be realized without the use of commercial fertilizers, and our industry's 4R Nutrient Stewardship program provides the foundation for responsible use of these essential plant nutrients," IPNI President Dr. Terry Roberts said.

Scientific principles of nutrient stewardship address using the right fertilizer sources at the right rate, right time, and right place so as to achieve economic, social and environmental goals.

One of the most important actions to building climate-smart agricultural practices is to improve outreach to farmers on correct and balanced fertilizer application, the groups said, and farmers of all sizes are strategic partners in this effort.

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"We stand ready to support farmers, big, medium and small, men, women and youth, to use fertilizer products appropriately and cost effectively so they can raise their yields, increase their incomes, improve their livelihoods, and take care of their soils and the environment," IFA Director General Charlotte Hebebrand said.

Farmers and the fertilizer industry should work together to develop training and outreach to produce ag products with reduced environmental effects, while becoming more resilient to climate change, the groups said.

News source: The Fertilizer Institute

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