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The Friday Five: It's-not-what-you-think edition

The Friday Five: It's-not-what-you-think edition

Filtered milk, pro-GMO organic scientists, Africa, fertilizer and farm shows: Here are five links to catch you up on the week in food and agriculture.

The truth about coke, milk and fairlife:  What's so weird is that I just noticed the Fairlife milk product in our local grocery store this week. And then I come home and see that Dairy Carrie has written about it. So in case you, too, have seen it and wondered about it, read this and wonder no more.

Confession of a liberal, organic food consumer-scientist: So here's a scientist – who eats organic – who supports GMOs. That means that you really can be all of those things, and you can write a pretty darn good story about it. This one is worth the read and the thought process as Curtis Hannah, U. of Florida, takes as through the if-we-do-this-what-happens-next scenarios.

Africa's no-till revolution: This is a great piece from my colleague, Mike Wilson, following his travels to Ghana earlier last month. Read on for more on a society interested – and invested – in no-till practices.

FAO projects 1.8% annual increase in fertilizer use: Think that headline over for a second, then spend a few minutes reading and absorbing this story. Demand increases in sub-Saharan African and in East and South Asia, while supply is expected to increase just as quickly.

Thoughts from a farm show: Who's more optimistic, the farmer or the equipment dealer? This isn't a trick question. Read on for Willie Vogt's report from the National Farm Machinery Show.

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